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About Us

Look through old closets and boxes and relive old memories. Find items you forgot you had...and enjoy the most important thing you have...time !!

Emma Jalouga | O2M Professional Organizer | Senior Move Manage & Owner

The gift of organization does not fall to everyone. Most find their attempts to organize challenging at best, but everyone deserves to experience an organized and clutter free life.

Coming from a strict English household my family's motto was "there is a place for everything and everything has its place" This philosophy remains with me today through Organize 2 Minimize. I have spent a countless number of hours helping friends and employers achieve organization and now I am bringing my gift to others. 

We all lead busy lives- with demanding careers and family responsibilities; little time is left for getting "our house in order". Allow me to relieve the stress of the constant visual reminders of chaos and create a harmonious home and peaceful lifestyle.

Emma Jalouga


Jeanette Brender| O2M Professional  Organizer & Senior Move Manager

Jeanette is a native New Yorker, and a Floridian for more than 30 years. With experience as social director at a south Florida country club, Jeanette has a well developed ability to prioritize and organize. Her role as an executive assistant at a major health care company required a systematic manner of thinking. These capabilities also served Jeanette well as a mom to three children, now all grown. She has a passion for helping others find clarity and peacefulness in their personal space.

Jeanette Brender

Lisa Stanislaw - Head Professional Organizer & Senior Move Assistant

Lisa owned her own law firm and organizing business in New York, until she moved to Florida in 2002, to become a full time care giver for her mother.
She opened her own organizing business during college, as she found helping others achieve an organized and clutter free environment was very rewarding. Despite becoming a Lawyer and running her own very successful law firm, Lisa never gave up her passion for helping individuals and companies become organized, efficient and consequently more productive and successful.
As an attorney and professional organizer for over 20 years, Lisa’s experience, knowledge and skill set makes her the perfect candidate to head up the organizing division of O2M. As a true believer that being organized and clutter free helps people achieve their maximum productivity, Lisa offers our residential and commercial clients customized organizational plans tailored to their lifestyle and/or business practices.

Lisa Stanislaw



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